Keep Your Side View Mirrors Ice, Snow, Frost,
Bird Poop/Bird Droppings/Pecking and Scuff Free!

MirrorMateMitts™ protect your car,
SUV and truck side mirrors from winter's
snow, ice, frost and spring's
bird poop/droppings/pecking

~ No More Scraping! ~

The mate is a design (pat. pend.) made of durable, water-repellent nylon material that saves you time, eliminates effort, and best of all, your mirrors stay clean!


• Slips on and off in seconds.
• Fits most standard car, SUV and truck mirrors: 9" high x 11" wide
• Stores easily in the glove box.
• Snug, tight fit stays secure under all harsh weather and wind.
Try RED Mates for maximum visibility by passing drivers when your vehicle is parked.

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One pair of Mates (2 Mates, for left and right mirrors)

Price $20.00, Includes Shipping!

Buy two pairs, for $35.00

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