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Battery Basics for Spring or Summer

Because of the extreme temperatures, your battery has a more of a chance of not starting during the warmer spring and the extreme summer heat.

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Use these suggestions to ensure your car or truck battery is ready for the spring and summer:

Your car's battery should be prepared for spring and summer too. 
This video explains what to do.

More hints to keep your battery alive during the spring and summer.

While you may love the spring and summer heat and sunshine, 
these tips will keep your battery in working order.

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-- Battery Basics for Spring / Summer
-- Do's and Don'ts of Spring / Summer Battery Maintenance
* How to Jump Start Your Battery
* Jump Starting Your Battery (video)
* Check Your Battery (video)
* Charge Your Battery  

* Change Your Battery (video)

This ezvid video lists this year's top 10 car batteries. Their criteria for ranking these batteries are: high cold cranking amps 100% maintenance free, and offering good warranties from their manufacturers.

Optima RedTop

Odyssey PC1200MJT

Braille Battery B3121C

Brand New XS Power XP950

XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V

Odyssey PC925

XS Power D925 XS Series 12V

XS Power S375 S

Kinetic HC1200-BLU

Optima Yellow Top

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