Car Side View Mirror Covers

Your should have all of these items (above) in your trunk for safe winter driving - plus your cell phone and a real  spare tire! 

Car Emergency Kit

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Block Heaters

It wasn't the Exxon Valdez captain's driving that caused the Alaskan oil spill. It was yours. ~ Greenpeace Advertisement

A number of engine block heaters are available on the market. Consider it as an electric blanket for your engine allowing for easier starts on those cold winter mornings. Is a block heater a must-have for starting your car on a cold winter morning?  Click and Clack discuss the pros and cons of using a block heater for extreme cold conditions.

When you think cold and winter,  a lot of folks think Canada. So, what exactly are the benefits of using a block heater? Here's and opinion from the Great White North.

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No matter how well you plan, stuff can happen when you're driving your car or truck in the winter's cold. Best to have these items in your trunk just in case that emergency crops up.



Now is the winter of our discontent; Made glorious summer by this sun of York. ~ William Shakespeare