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How Ready is Your Car for Winter?

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The ASE offers these car care tips to give you peace of mind during the cold fall and winter driving seasons.

Beside helping your car to last longer, winterizing your car is the safe thing to do. Here are 9 ways to get your car ready for winter weather.

Preparing your car or truck for the winter months means making sure your vehicle is ready for the season - and having the tools to safely negotiate cold-weather conditions. Follow this list before winter arrives and you - and your vehicle - will be in snow-and-ice shape.

Your being ready for winter driving is actually understanding cold-weather related terms - like a 'cold snap' - and having an emergency kit in your trunk. That kit should include these items. (You can order one above.)

The last thing you want happening to you on a cold, snowy day is a bad battery or alternator leaving you stuck on the side of the road. Don't wait until the season begins to ready your vehicle ready for winter. The mechanic in this  video shows you how they prep cars for the cold, snow and ice.

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