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There's a special word for drivers who don't clear the snow off their roof: trifling. Regardless of the reason, there is no excuse for not doing it. What's the first step to cleaning the snow off your roof? Hint: it has noting to do with being outside in the winter's snow and ice.

Now that you've got your head right and in the game for cleaning the snow off your car roof, it's time to take the second step for making sure your car windows and roof are snow-free. Get it done and get your butt outside.

I don't give a damn if it has snowed every day and you are tired of doing it: there is absolutely no valid reason why your trifling butt should not clear the snow off your roof before you hit the road. But for you lazy azzes who still refuse to do right, here's a great strategy to compel you to clean the snow off your roof.

I really, really wish this dirtbag driver who was too damned lazy to clean the snow off of their car roof was caught by the police. Unfortunately, they were not, but here's a personal story of what happens when you don't clean the snow off your vehicle roof. Thank goodness there was only vehicle damage and he  was not injured or killed. Selfish people who are too damned self-absorbed to clean snow and ice off their vehicles suck.

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* Starting Your Car on a Cold Morning
* Clean That Snow off Your Roof!
* Removing Windshield Ice
* Opening a Frozen Lock
- Opening a Stuck Lock 
* Frozen Doors, Locks, Wipers, Gas Lines
- Stuck Doors, Locks, Wipers, Gas Lines

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Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour.
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