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Your should have all of these items (above) in your trunk for safe winter and summer driving - plus your cell phone and a real  spare tire! 

Car Emergency Kit

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Surviving in Your Car During a Winter Driving Emergency

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Surviving in your car when stranded in winter weather is a question of being prepared for a winter driving emergency; it's more than luck. Number one rule is to keep calm  if you follow these rules. This list of winter survival tips if your are stuck in your car is very complete and worth reviewing.

Critically important to surviving in your car if you are stranded in your car during the winter is ensuring that your vehicle is prepared for such an emergency. This article contains advice covering all aspects of surviving in your car including having a car emergency kit stashed in your trunk. If you live in a snowy region, this is great advice.

Ever been stuck in a blizzard? Ice and snow on the roads during a blizzard might force you to pull over to the side. In the event of the worst case scenario and you get stuck or stranded during a blizzard, use these strategies to survive in your car or on foot. And be sure to have a car emergency kit.

Let's say you're stranded and stuck in your car during a blizzard and you've made the decision that you have to leave your car. In the event that this ends up happening, the U.S. Search and Rescue Task Force explains everything you need to know about surviving a blizzard if you
DO leave your vehicle

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No matter how well you plan, stuff can happen when you're driving your car or truck in the winter's cold. Best to have these items in your trunk just in case that emergency crops up.



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