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Replacing wiper blades is one aspect of car care that anyone can do - and should do sometime during the winter when you winterize your car. These step-by-step instructions for replacing your wipers are easy to follow.

Replacing your windshield wiper blades is easy as this video demonstrates. There is a proper way to install them - and it's easy to do.

Winter wiper blades? Who knew there was a difference? Believe it or not, as this article explains, there are structural differences between regular windshield wiper blades and wiper blades manufactured specifically for the snow and ice of the winter months.

Convinced? Here's where you can find an array of winter windshield wipers to fit your car or truck.

Take your windshield wipers to the next level if you live in a region with a lot of snow, ice and frost:

Heated Windshield Wipers

Once you get them, this video shows you how to quickly install your heated windshield wipers on your vehicle.

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Check out these top-selling windshield wiper blades:

 Bosch 24A ICON

 Rain-X (22") Weatherbeater

  Rain-X Latitude


  ANCO 31-Series 31

 Bosch 22B ICON

  Michelin Stealth Ultra

  Rain-X (28") Weatherbeater


  Rain-X Premium Graphite

I like these cold, gray winter days. Days like these let you savor a bad mood. ~ Bill Watterson