Car Side View Mirror Covers

Your should have all of these items (above) in your trunk for safe summer driving - plus your cell phone and a real  spare tire! 

Car Emergency Kit

Winterize Your Car (video)

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The cold of the winter months can means you've got to get your car ready for extreme temperatures. Even if you aren't going on a holiday road trip, this video has valuable tips to keep you from having a roadside emergency.

The mechanic in this video shows you exactly what to do to winterize your car before the cold of the winter.

Some of the coldest temperatures in the country happen during an Alaska winter. Here's a cautionary tale about not preparing your car for the extreme cold of the season. But above all else, make sure your car or truck has an emergency kit in the trunk for just in case.

If you're not using your car during the cold winter months, you've got to prepare it properly for an extended storage. This video shows you what to do so your car will ride out the winter away from the snow and ice the right way. 

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No matter how well you plan, stuff can happen when you're driving your car or truck in the winter's heat. Best to have these items in your trunk just in case that emergency crops up.




  Cell Phone

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