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Here are some suggestions about what to do if your door or lock is frozen. Keep the defrosting tools handy, the author notes, including a hair dryer and a cigarette lighter. Be sure to winterize your car too!

Frozen car locks, doors, windshield wipers - even your radiator can freeze if the temperature drops low enough during the cold winter months. Which means you must use extra care when defrosting your car.

Need to know what NOT to ever use on your windshield or car when it's frozen? This article has the answer as well as a list of course! 

We've all seen this trend during a snowstorm: drivers lifting their windshield wipers up off the windshield so they don't freeze to the glass. Good idea or just an invitation for some fool to rip them off your car. Judge for yourself after reading the opinions gathered by this author.

A frozen gas line means that condensation has built up In your gas tank. One solution to prevent this problem is to keep your gas tank at least half full. This author shares a surprising suggestion to keep your gas line from freezing. Good tip! 

If your car lock is frozen, try some WD 40. Frozen gas line, add some HEET to your gas tank. And if you're not sure if your antifreeze is up to the task of handing the freezing temperatures of the winter season, get yourself an antifreeze tester. you don't want to be left on the side of the road in the cold and snow in the dead of winter.

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* Frozen Doors, Locks, Wipers, Gas Lines
- Stuck Doors, Locks, Wipers, Gas Lines

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