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With the approach of cold winter weather, consider the thickness, or viscosity of your oil, as lower temperatures could mean using a different grade. But if you haven't done so in the past three months, the message in this article is loud and clear: change your oil in winter! don't be like the 70 percent of motorists who do not winterize their cars in anticipation of the cold, snow and ice of the winter season.

You've got to be on your game when it comes to changing the oil and oil filter in your vehicle at the interval recommended by the manufacturer - especially during the winter season. And who wants to end up on the side of the road with a bad engine this winter? Here's a short and sweet explanation of why  you should winterize your oil and coolant.

The winter car care argument that never dies: should you warm up your car before driving in a cold winter morning? One side says idling your car in winter is a waste of oil and can damage your car's engine. This video explains even further why it's not a good idea to warm up your car. Still not convinced that these points are valid?

On the other hand, this author says, yes, warm up your damn car if it's cold! If not, he notes, you risk (are you ready?) for engine damage. Think he makes a valid case?

Regardless of where you fall on the warm-up-your-car-in-winter controversy, here are some useful motor oil FAQs. And whatever you do to winterize your car for the cold, snow and ice of the winter season, make sure you have a car emergency kit stashed in your trunk!

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