Side View Mirror Repair

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Infuriated is how you feel when your side view mirror is damaged. There are various products available enabling you to fix it yourself. Get to it.

The first step to a repair is to see if the task will be simple enough for you to do since vehicle mirrors vary according to the vehicle's make and model.

Read this advice before tackling the job of
replacing the side view mirror.

Going to a dealer for a replacement can be an expensive proposition. Check out these options first.

the family handyman diagrams the process with photos.

Here is a product review for side view mirror repair
you can do yourself.

Wally seems a bit distracted by the camera.

Nonetheless, he does a good job of demonstrating a
side view mirror repair in this video.

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Keep Your Side View Mirrors Ice, Snow, Frost,
Bird Poop/Bird Droppings/Pecking and Scuff Free!

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