Winterizing Your Car Tips - Part 1

To winterize your car means to make ready; prepare tires and wiper blades; equip or make your car suitable for cold winter weather by changing oil, topping antifreeze, testing the battery, etc. in advance of the season's arrival. Get to it!

Anybody who doesn't cut his speed
at the sight of a police car is probably
parked. ~ Anonymous

Follow this advice and your vehicle will be prepared for the cold weather.

Winterize Your Car - Part 1

* The First Step
* Winterizing Your Car (video)
* 10 Simple Ways to get Your Car Ready
* Winterizing Your Car for Adverse Weather
* Preparing Your Car For Winter (video)
* A Short Checklist
* Winter, Your Car, and You
* How Ready is Your Vehicle for Winter?

* Winterize Your Car – Part 2


Keep Your Side View Mirrors Ice, Snow, Frost,
Bird Poop/Bird Droppings/Pecking and Scuff Free!