Keep your side view mirrors free from bird poop and bird droppings that can damage the paint on your car, bird pecking, bird attacks, scratches and scuffs!

Car Emergency Kit

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Winter Driving Techniques

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The winter season's road conditions can be hazardous and take skill to master; an ability you can acquire with practice. Discover how to learn how to handle your vehicle in adverse snowy and icy road conditions. (And be sure to winterize your car too!) 

* Icy, Slippery or Snow Covered Roads
* Driving in Bad Weather – Part 1
* Driving in Bad Weather – Part 2
* Driving in a Blizzard
* Driving in an Ice Storm (video)
* Driving in Fog
* Handling a Skid
* Handle a Skid on Snow or Ice (video)
* Skidding To Make a Turn?

Safety Tips

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